Learn About Smart Thermostats

What is a smart thermostat and how does it work?

A smart thermostat communicates with your internet-connected mobile device or computer to allow you to control the temperature of your home remotely.

Smart thermostats may be able to:

  • Learn your daily schedule and adjust the temperature in your home automatically based on your habits
  • Use geofencing and occupancy sensing technology to sense when you’re at home and adjust the temperature accordingly
  • Connect to your home automation system in order to accept voice commands to set a temperature, play music, search the web, and more.

To learn more about the compatibility of eligible smart thermostats with your home’s heating and cooling system, please visit the manufacturers’ websites.

How do I know if a smart thermostat is right for me?

Through the help of advanced controls and occupancy sensing technology, smart thermostats can help most customers lower their heating and cooling costs. Smart thermostats offer the most energy savings in homes that remain unoccupied for several consecutive hours and air temperature adjustments are in effect over a period of time.

Does a smart thermostat save energy?

Customers can save up to 15% on their cooling costs and up to 10% on their heating costs through the installation of an eligible smart thermostat.

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